Key Factors

Mark W. Kline

Dr. Mark W. Kline, Program Director, Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative

Dr. Kline is professor of pediatrics, chief of the Department of Retrovirologie, director of the AIDS International Training and Research and Technical Assistance Project Director of the Baylor-CDC Global AIDS, all as part of Baylor College of Medicine. He fulfills the position of President of the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative.

Dr. Kline graduated from Trinity University and Baylor College of Medicine. He taught pediatrics at BaylorCollege of Medicine, where he holds the position of Chief Resident Physician.

Dr. Kline is certified in pediatrics and infectious diseases. He was part of the Executive Committee for Infectious Diseases, American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee and as chairman of the Children's AIDS organization. He is a member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and a member of the Society for Pediatric Research and American Society of Pediatrics.

Dr. Kline is active in training and education programs for medical students, residents and post-docs, and has received numerous awards as a teacher. He has authored over 240 scientific studies and textbook chapters. He has over 300 national and international presentations on topics concerning infectious diseases in children.

Rodica Matusa

Rodica Matusa(b. 1943) graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Cluj-Napoca and obtained his doctorate in medicine with a work about AIDS. He worked as a specialist in Infectious Diseases Hospital in Constanta and has published many scientific papers. Starting with 1991 leads in Constanta Hope Association, dedicated to preventing HIV / AIDS and care of infected people.

Ana-Maria Schweitzer

Ana-Maria Schweitzer is executive director of the Baylor-Black Sea Foundation and coordinates HIV Clinical Center of Excellence in 2005.

She joined the Baylor program in 1999 as a psychologist.

Baylor Program offers a unique model of medical care, psychological and social seropositive patients, including long-term survivors who have become young adults. This led to the evolution of the HIV Center for Clinical Excellence, a clinical HIV / AIDS which provided services to children in a family oriented clinic that serves both children and adults through a wide range of medical services and prevention, providing continuity of care all in compliance with ever changing needs of patients, their families and the local community. Ana-Maria has created a balance between prevention, testing, care and support services for patients.

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