Flower House

Permanent problem of children infected with HIV who are abandoned and live in hospitals continued during the 90s. Until 2000, most children had been moved into abandoned houses Constanta relatively small (between 10 and 12 children) family, supported by various international NGOs. However, some children remained hospitalized and were remanded in orphanages Municipal Hospital, which was already overcrowded.

State institutions were not prepared or equipped to deal with these sick children, and other private insitutii were also overcrowded.

Ten children have aroused interest as Baylor clinic. A call from the Abbott Fund, Baylor led the acquisition and renovation of the House of Flowers, a small village house. Ten children have finally emerged as the hospital's walls and had a home with adults paying attention (and permanent social parents) who have cared for their basic needs, as well as their social development and health. Children living in small village, close to Constanta, was touched by this "a house that stands out primarily by the futura Texas flag from the balcony on the second floor." Community has learned to accept them, and children were visited by friends and family - meet all the birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.

Changes at the Flower House

Flower House, once a haven for sick children abandoned, became restricted to the needs of growing adolescents. Although it was clear that these vulnerable teenagers needed a form of continued support was also clear that living in a bedroom with two or three other colleagues, had no privacy and no part of any conditions that would encourage you to have an independent life. A unique partnership with Habitat for Humanity, supported by the Abbott Fund, has allowed the construction of Habitat houses Baylor-Abbott Fund, consisting of three separate apartments. The two facilities (Baylor Habitat House Flower House) now offer a greater degree of independence, and beneficiaries who live there contribute to their maintenance while receiving ongoing medical and psychosocial support from Baylor.

So the support system has been transformed from a program that was fully responsible for children in one that offers partial support.