A complete life

The flexibility afforded by Baylor and the Abbott Fund in developing and administering programs for the Romanian-American Children's Center has been a distinctive feature that is not usually possible in a program administered by the state. Flexibility Due to this, direct contact with parents and children could direct influence of the programs to meet their needs. This proved to be extremely valuable as the first group of children treated at the Center became teenagers and young adults.

In an interview with Dr. Kline, he was amazed how "transformation (children) was remarkable. These small and stunted children, in some cases 10 or 11 years back that showed a 3 or 4 years have grown tall and strong. Even perfectly healthy. Some graduate school. Many of them are in the process of initial. Some live independently, many are married. I had to do with about 10 girls pregnancy and childbirth care in our clinic ... Fortunately none of these children were not infected ... they can look forward to the future. "