During the '90s, as the AIDS pandemic began to spread, the reaction against the disease was much slower in countries governed by the dictatorial regime, where the disease was hidden. When these regimes have fallen, the true measure of extending HIV began to come to light. One such country was Romania, which had an estimated 10,000 cases of HIV in children, but because a ban is to discuss AIDS and this number could be underestimated in a artifcial. Currently it is estimated that there were about 5,000 people 21 years or younger who live with HIV. Romania is only country in the world to include more children than HIV-infected adults and has the largest number of HIV infected children in Europe. When he was finally allowed access to the pediatric departments in Romania, international NGOs and the media could bring to light in terrible living conditions these children, who were often "store" and had no access to common at least one anti-HIV treatment. It was very clear that government intervention was not to save sufcient fast, so international NGOs and the private sector intervened in an attempt to supplement gaps.

The story is going to read it has many parts and many authors. Although it begins as a human tragedy, it becomes an educational reminder about the power gained when organizations and communities for the good altora.Ca associate me, you get to recognize and admire what some people may have great contribution to help many others. The decision not to accept the facts and the ability to imagine positive children living a healthy lifestyle into adulthood, prompted her aunt Dr. Rodica, pediatrician in Constanta, Romania, to seek help and call her was heard by a fellow pediatrician in Houston, Texas, Dr. Mark Kline.

Important is that the story refers to hundreds of children in Romania who have gone from a dead perspective safer to live an active life as young adults - a part of you will meet them in the following pages . Their future is now full of hope and perspective. But the success of this program is not limited to Romania. He has been an inspiration to develop a network of Children's Clinical Center of Excellence Baylor College of Medicine in Africa. These satellites and their outpatient clinics now offer quality care and treatment for more than 80,000 children living with HIV - an initiative that has not been matched by any other organization in the world until this time.

We have documented our efforts in Abbott and those of other developing countries in the last ten years we have built and support the development of model programs that improve the lives of those suffering afati. And the learning continues. As a company with health care - along with our foundation, Abbott Fund - we consider it our duty to always seek ways to provide effective healthcare solutions. It is a responsibility that those who work at Abbott and Abbott Fund to fully accept, both at personal and professional level.

We are pleased to share with you the story about hope and victory in Romania and we invite you to learn more about our programs and those of our most important partners worldwide, including Baylor College of Medicine, by accessing our website at www.abbott.com/citizenship.

Thank you.

Katherine Pickus

vice president, Global Citizenship and Policy, Abbott