Romanian-American Children Center 2

In an attempt to replicate the high standards of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, one of the most important faculties of medicine in the world, Baylor team has developed an electronic system to monitor and assess patients' drug issue, and instructed his fellow Romans use it in their daily work. This helped to ensure a continuous quality care, as well as transparency and justification to the donor, thus encouraging a long-term support. Romanian Ministry of Health began to provide the rest of the necessary medicines, directing them to the newly founded clinic pharmacy. As a result, children now have drugs from two sources, one private and one state. Constanta in Romania became the only county where there were no treatment interruptions due process of purchasing existing medicines, which included time-consuming bidding and approvals meeting.

Children in Constanta finally had access to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), so their life expectancy has changed dramatically. In a few years the death rate has dropped to below 1% per year, and hospitalization rates have decreased by 90%. "In just three years, the Center has decreased mortality in children infected with HIV / AIDS in Constanta, from 15 to 3%, demonstrating that it is possible the provision of pediatric care and treatment in a first class environment with limited resources" said Dr. Mark Kline. While the Centre work well, need to ensure proper care for children who remained in the hospital and for those who could not come to the center has become increasingly evident. The next step was to integrate ambulatory care programs and home to 200 families who could not come to the clinic. Abbott Fund has responded in a letter long-term commitment to sustain these programs, as well as staff training and resources to support management systems. Not wanting to ignore those children who needed hospitalization, Abbott Fund also supported the renovation of the Pediatric Department of the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Constanta, after which children received a quality continuing care between clinic and hospital.

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