Baylor College of Medicine's International Pediatric AIDS Initiative, AIDS Initiative at Baylor College of Medicine children (BIPAI)
BIPAI was established in 1996 to prevent transmission of HIV / AIDS care and treatment of HIV-positive patients, educating health care professionals and clinical research. BIPAI currently developing the largest international academic program dedicated to improving the lives and health of HIV infected children and their families.

In Romania BIPAI has renovated a former nursery belonging to the Infectious Diseases Hospital Constanta, from April 2001 was a model of good practice for the care and treatment of children with HIV.

In 2004 he founded BIPAI Baylor Black Sea Foundation which provides medical and psychosocial services to persons infected / affected by HIV in the region of Dobrogea.

Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, USA is a private school of medicine, recognized for excellence in education, research, patient care and community services.

Texas Children's Hospital in Houston is one of the best children's hospitals in the USA - 6th place in 2008 according to an analysis, with extensive international activity of care, research and education in over 40 major hospital pediatric subspecialty pediatrice.Este Baylor College of Medicine.

Abbott Fund and Baylor Step Forward program created a partnership to support children affected by HIV / AIDS and their families in 2001, by setting up the Romanian-American Children's Center in Constanta. Through a comprehensive approach to patient treatment, care and support, child and family counseling, community interventions, the mortality rate fell by over 90% in Constanta, Romania, the epicenter of pediatric HIV in Eastern Europe.

Currently, Abbott and Abbott Fund, Baylor program Stept Forward say more than $ 12 million, including donations of medicines, to transform the lives of children living with HIV / AIDS. Abbott Fund support and housing complex in Constanta county, instead. Lazu. The two houses provide shelter for HIV-positive young people who have new life skills Independence.

The mission of AIDS Foundation Houston (AFH) is to create a positive social impact through innovative management of HIV / AIDS and other chronic diseases, sponsoring some camps. From 2001 to 2003 AFH has provided camps in Camp Hope, USA for 25 children who, abandoned or orphaned in 2004 and provides funds annually for recreational and theme camps for about 30 children / adolescents in different locations in Romania.

Picturing Hope is a charity that provides resources and creates conditions of children at risk (10-18 years) to explore the feelings, to strengthen confidence and to find ways of expressing their hopes and dreams. Picturing Hope project in Romania aims to take pictures to express various aspects of HIV infection. These are the main way of connecting with the rest of the community through exhibitions of photography made ​​at the International AIDS Day and Candlelight Memorial. Since the beginning of the project were six such exhibitions organized from 15 young people being part of the project team.

Global Fund to ensure the provision of health education services including career guidance and counseling young people living with HIV.

Americares is an international organization that provides humanitarian shipments in 137 countries. Since 2001 Americares delivered in the best condition, antiretroviral drugs, antibiotics, vitamins and supplements for children / young people infected with HIV in Constanta county.

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